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“Sand River” in Iraq is actually a rapid movement of ice blocks

A video footage shows a sand river flowing across the desert due to an exceptional weather phenomenon. The rare changes in the weather resulted to form a “river bed”, which contains a frozen water to flow across the desert in Iraq.sand-river-iraq

As you can see in the video, the frozen river pellets follows the direction of a storm. The video was captured on November 16, 2015 and gone viral on the internet. According to the Mirror UK, the moving sand was golf sized ice balls moving at a speed as the river. They also called moving sand as “Sand River”.

According to the latest reports, there was heavy rain for the past few weeks, which lead to the death of thousands of people in Iraq. This monster rain also caused severe damage in countries like Egypt, Jordan, Israel and Saudi Arabia.

It is common to see a continuous flood flow in the downward area, where there is no rainfall. Hence, the downward river flow indicates rainfall somewhere on the top. Similarly, we can get to a conclusion, the appearance constitutes same weather phenomena.

Some report suggests, countless number of round and uniform hail provide a route to move from one place to another much like fluid. If you go through middle east weather condition, the recorded daytime heat stick up to 70F in Jordan and Isreal. Later, it decreases to 40F in the night.

At the end of the video footage, we can see a closer view on the sand that shows an numerous hailstone. The other word for “hail” is rain, which falls in the form of snow. Normally, we can see hail in the hilly region. But in this case, immediate change in weather condition that leads to travel frozen rain, which is extraordinary. There is no more forward information or reason to cause rare weather behavior. Stay connected and share your view in the comment section below.


  1. Another amazing thing that would've looked more amazing had they filmed it horizontally… turn your phone, folks. Please. Turn… your damned… phone!

  2. Interesting information, though proper grammar would have made the article easier to understand.

  3. I made a video explaining this sand river, Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xx7zcPaIQc

  4. Incredible! Now see the sons of God will start bowing down to invisible God. Now, don't create any Sand God, for God sake 😛

  5. what are you talking about. doesnt make sense

  6. I was sooo damn confused after watching this. Figured global warming must have something to do with it

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  8. Lmao this the the most ingorant, offensive, ill informed shit Ive ever read. I hope your joking and not some unejucated southern hick

  9. Hail is not frozen rain. There's a difference between "freezing rain" and "hail.

  10. WOW! Fascinating…………

  11. Did you take this video in Iraq?

  12. Sage Toth Leave us Southerners out of it. There are plenty of rude and uneducated people north of the Mason-Dixon Line.

  13. Rony Dasgupta!! Nice information. Good work.

  14. God's Wonderful World.How Amazing !

  15. yet another person who is not happy enough with mother natures beauty or someones depiction of it and wants to improve on it…. be happy you got to see it at all buddy.

  16. Sage Toth wow dial back a notch.

  17. Teresa Sue Jones Does it honestly surprise you that his post was nonsense? He clearly doesn't know anything about theology.

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  19. Aparently it's caused by hailstorm. The ice balls above flowing water … There has to be water under the iceballs, otherwise they can't just flow like water.

  20. Hail occurs when upward wind currents lift rain and frozen rain repeatedly I to cold air causi g it to freeze, fall, accumulate more rain, and repeat until it finally becomes too heavy for the wind currents to lift. It then falls to the ground.
    Freezing rain is a mixture of sleet and rain…

  21. So, you're a redneck patriot. What does that have to do with this video?

  22. You guys let Sage distract you from Betina-Dean's (I'm assuming that name is a combo name of two people. I've seen couples do that. Smh) distracting comment on a video clearly explained. Dispute the poor translation, anyone with a fourth grade education could decipher it. Its explained elsewhere as well. I hope you don't get all of you news and information from Facebook.
    If the video and/or the explanation of it's subject is actually why you clicked on the link that brought you here some poor grammar and an ingnorant immature comment made solely and obviously to be disrespectful wouldn't have distracted you to the point that you humoured the unfortunate person that made it.

  23. …….and again get distracted by someone's reply to said comment.

  24. Rony Dasgupta excellent work.

  25. Yes. I agree. There is a river flowing under the hail in a normally dry riverbed due to the unusual heavy rain fall. Then hail fell and melted on the sand but stayed icy on top of the water, possibly freezing some of the water below, thus creating this phenomenon. In Arizona, USA we have a desert that has many dry riverbeds that become fast moving rivers during times of flash flooding.

  26. Thank you everyone! I'm glad my information came in handy 🙂

  27. Youtube should instead have an option for videos taken in "portrait" mode.

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