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Learn tactic on trout fishing by the Youghiogheny river workshop


“Bigger species of fish related to the Salmon became alone, suspicious and rarely they found their way into the basket where they are ought to behold” these were the thoughts of Potter County author. Pointing towards the trout’s, they display a complete reversal of their character during daylight. These reversals of character are rarely seen during the midnight. This is ...

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Eating Pasta Does Not Cause Obesity, But Makes You Thinner

A latest report from a study states that consumption of pasta will not lead to obesity, but in turn, it will help us to lose weight. But controlling the quantity of consumption, as a part of the Mediterranean Diet, one can control their obesity by simply eating pasta.  Yes, two studies were made by involving 23,000 adults in Italy, and ...

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Study: Arctic’s ‘watermelon snow’ is a climate change indicator

Researchers are coming across pink snow in several Arctic regions caused by the presence of a snow-dwelling algae. Though it is a natural occurrence, the pleasant color of the snow indicates a faster meltdown of ice glaciers. The pink snow phenomenon occurs in snowy places across the world, when the summer sun melts the snowy leftovers. The inedible ‘watermelon snow’ ...

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Rare Salamander “Dragon” babies hatch successfully in Slovenia (+Video)

In a much rare event, which could occur only once in a decade, several hundreds of people gathered inside the Postojna cave to watch the hatching of baby salamanders, which are rare aquatic creatures resembles dragons from the Chinese stories. Postojna Cave is an ancient cave located in Slovenia. According to the biologists, the ancient underwater salamander species, also known as olm, ...

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Los Angeles bears witness to the last Space Shuttle Fuel Tank

On Saturday a huge space shuttle fuel tank made its way through the roads of Los Angeles. The Space Shuttle Fuel Tank was on its way to the California Science Centre. The Fuel tank has never been used in a real space flight mission and currently is the last standing space shuttle fuel tank in existence. The space shuttle fuel ...

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New Horizons spacecraft selects a new target beyond Pluto

NASA’s unmanned New Horizons spacecraft has reportedly discovered a mysterious and distant celestial object beyond Pluto named 1994 JR1 which orbits in the Kuiper Belt, more than 5 billion kilometers from the Sun. NASA has released an image of space rock captured by New Horizons in the distance. The mysterious second target is a planet codenamed 1994 JR1, which was originally ...

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Wisconsin becomes International Migratory Bird Day’s center point

International Migratory Bird Day, which is being celebrated each year on May 14, is an opportunity to take time out for bird watching, raise awareness on the importance of birds and protect the species and their habitats. The day, also reminds us their intrepid flights from one point of the world to another. To celebrate IMBD (International Migratory Bird Day), Wisconsin is ...

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Researchers discovered first to be known ‘Bizarre’ vegetarian marine species

Researchers have published a new discovery of a fossil evidence that reveal the existence of a weird looking marine reptile, which is also believed to be the first known vegetarian marine reptile. Named as Atopodentatus Unicus, this species lived approximately 242 million years ago in southern China. The two specimens of this marine animal fossils were discovered in China. The discovery has revealed more ...

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