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Less snow precipitation in the winters owning to global warming

Global warming is something that has been on our back for quite some time now, but the results from the recent study clearly send out an urgent message to all individuals living around the northern hemisphere. The world has a shortage of water that is drinkable and literally all of it comes from the frozen glaciers all over the world. But owing to the act of global warming, these glaciers are facing a tough time and the situation is real bad along the northern hemisphere.melting-ice-glacier-water-crisis-global-warming

According to the recent study, most of the basins fed by the glaciers of the Northern Hemisphere will face severe shortage of water putting approximately 2 billion individuals under the radar.

Justin Mankin, an environmental scientist at Columbia University’s Earth Institute in the US, and colleagues report in Environmental Research Letters journal that they studied 421 drainage basins across the northern hemisphere. Dr. Mankin said in a statement:

“Managers need to be prepared for the possibility of multi-decadal decreases in snow water supply. But at the same time, they could have large multi-decadal increases. Both these outcomes are entirely consistent with global warming.”

The basins fed by the natural glaciers of the north in turn supply drinkable water to parts of Western America, Europe, parts of the Middle East and the central parts of Asia. As it happens, with the days, the demand for pure water to drink will increase at a growing rate, while the supplies will decrease owing to the effects of global warming.

The recent study also shows that there has been a drastic change in the winter precipitation patterns. More often, the winter precipitation nowadays is in the form of rains rather than snow. The rain is flowing down to the lower region and the snow is settling in the higher altitudes leading to a scarcity in the middle part.

The researchers believe that it is important for snow precipitation to occur as snow will help in pulling together things in the region and help in the survival along the parts. The study is all set to appear for the readers in this week’s journal ‘Environmental Research Letters’. The research is expected to shower more knowledge in this regard.

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