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Sony Xperia Z-series receives Android Marshmallow firmware update soon

Most of the middle-end smartphones lined up for Android 6.0 update, which follows former 5.1.1 Lollipop update. The official 5.1.1 will not bring a big change in phone, other than a minor bug fixes. It seems to be necessary for a bug like Stage Freight v2.0 that exploited thousands of Android devices. Some recently unlocked devices, which has got high-end features and utilities skipped Android 5.1.1 firmware update and moved on to Marshmallow.android-marshmallow-for-sony-xperia-c5ultra-z1-z4

Up in the row, the Marshmallow operating system was first released on Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X Smartphone. Soon after the launch, Google started rolling out OTA firmware update to all former devices. Back in September, Huawei listed down 10 devices to receive Marshmallow firmware in the first session. Similarly, most of the other brand device receives Marshmallow firmware update notification.

Currently, Google reached 50% Marshmallow milestone. They are planning to cover 75%  of Android based to get a marshmallow update by the end of 2015. At first, when Google announced their new OS to be called as “M”. We came across many speculations on “what M stands for”. Later, it was all cleared when Android engineer posted an image of green droid holding a marshmallow in front of Google headquarters.

Akin to Hauwei, Sony brand listed their Z-series Smartphones to the next Marshmallow (6.0) firmware update. The list includes M4 Aqua, C4, C5 Ultra and Xperia M5. Apart from middle-end devices, they also added some recently released smartphone to the first session of Android 6.0. The list continues to Z4 tablet, Z3 compact and Z2 devices. Some rumor also suggests, Sony brand is also going to add Z1 and Xperia Z (Google Play edition) to the update list. The update release date is yet to confirm, but we can expect the update in mid-December. Stay connected and share how excited you are to get Marshmallow update in the comment section below.

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  1. According to a recent tweet by @Ricciolo1 Android 6.0 For Xperia Z5 Pegged For Release Next Month.
    Back in October, @Ricciolo1 revealed via a tweet that the Android 6.0 update will improve the Stamina Mode on the Xperia Z5 line.

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