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Salling Media Sync : How to Use iTunes With Your Android Mobile Devices

Now here is the good news for all the Android phone users that, If you are an Android freak ( I am one) and don’t have an iPhone but want to sync iTunes to your Android device, then you should stop searching and read further. Syncing iTunes to your Android device can be frustrating if you try doing it manually. The tool which we will be using is “Salling Media Sync” for Syncing iTunes to your Android device.  Please note that you need to follow the instructions carefully given below, so that you become perfect in this, even a single skipping of the step will lead to the non syncing of the music files.

Salling Media Sync

Procedure to Sync iTunes: Download Salling Media

  • There is a tool which is called as the Salling Media which offers the complete solution for syncing your iTunes media into your Android phone, the best part of this tool is that it’s very easy to understand.

How to Use iTunes With Your Android Mobile Devices : Salling Media Sync

  • So, after downloading the Salling Media Sync in your computer you will have to first mount the phone in the “Mass Storage” Mode or in the “Disk Drive” mode after which you need to connect the phone with the computer using the USB cable which you got at the time of purchase. Once you do so you will now need to drop down the main home screen in your phone to choose the same as shown in the below screen capture.

Select the Connection Type

  • After mounting the phone, the Salling Media immediately detects the phone as an external source of media and after that you need to directly click on the “Music” tab as shown in the below image where you will find all the playlists which are there in your iTunes. Select the ones which you wish to sync.

Music Sync

  • Just in case if you have subscribed to the podcasts which you wish to listen then you can also sync the podcasts which are there attached with your iTunes. You can refer to the below podcasts to know more on how you can sync the same,

iTunes Podcasts

  • Additionally, you can also select the same which you wish to listen. So, once done with the things which you to Sync, simply click on the “Sync” button to proceed. That’s it you have now successfully synced with the iTunes library with your Android phone.

Mass Storage

Now, let’s check out on how you can easily manage the media cover art.

Procedure to Manage Media Art:

  • Although, the iTunes does the job of applying the appropriate cover arts but just in case if you wish to set some different image then you need to download the “Cover art downloader” as shown in the below screen capture.

Cover Art Downloader

  • Now, you will have to check the cover arts and then you need to tap any of the one to change the cover art as shown in the below image.

Cover Arts

  • You can alternatively tap on the below image to search for the other alternatives online.

Select Cover Art

  • Just tap on the one which you want and then it will be replaced with the one which is already set.

Replace Cover Art

So, by following above steps you will be able to manage your iTunes playlists and also on how you can change the cover art of the music files which are there in the phone.

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