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Weight Loss: Belly Fat is Worst Than Overall Obesity

For all those sporting a beer belly or an apple shaped physique, there is a definite bad news. Scientists have revealed that belly fat is even more risky than overall obesity. The spare tires you carry on your stomach can really kill you in the long run.belly-fat-obesity

It is no secret that increased body fat makes you vulnerable to cardiovascular diseases and slows your metabolism, making you lazier and even diabetic.

For women a belly indicates chances of getting breast cancer few years down the line. The Annals of Internal Medicine has published this latest research claiming that people with large belly have a greater risk of mortality and it is an indicator for an unhealthy body.

The lead author of the study Dr. Francisco Lopez-Jimenez of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota said:

“Waist size matters, particularly in people who are a normal weight. The lack of recognition of this leads people with abnormal distribution of fat to have a false sense of safety or reassurance that they don’t need to exercise or they can eat whatever they want because they are “skinny” when in reality, if a person has a normal BMI and an abnormal waist size the risk is worse than if they have a high BMI.”

The data scientists have analyzed has concluded these findings and waist-to-hip ratios definitely need to be maintained to avoid any chronic diseases in the future. The BMI and mid-body fat govern the survival and fitness. Adopting an active regime with proper workouts can help you lose weight and condition your fitness appropriately. The doctors also advice on taking proper rest and avoid stress. These things, along with belly fat trigger heart diseases.

So it is important more than ever to do exercises and losing some flab and fat from your belly as soon as possible. The changes you need to make are absolutely necessary and we recommend you take suggestions from your dietician before altering your lifestyle. Also get proper medical advice before beginning any physical training. Get active and concentrate on eating right. The belly fat will soon disappear making you look healthier and in better shape.

We will keep on updating more recent findings in this post in the days to come. If you have any thoughts to share with our readers – kindly feel free to comment.

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