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Does HTC Windows Phone 8X receives Windows 10 update in future?

After a successful launch of Lumia 950 and 950 XL in windows 10 mobile operating system. The company moved on to release a firmware update for all former devices. Unluckily, this update won’t be available for all the predecessors. According to the HTC UK reports, HTC Windows phone 8X will not take part in the Windows 10 update.htc-windows-8x-10-firmware

Akin to Google and Apple, Windows skipped incompatible devices in the latest update list. Normally, the devices that goes 2-year mark from the date of release has limited software supports. HTC Windows phone 8X is a 3-year old device, which seems to be outdated and remains in the same operating system.

We don’t like to stay on obsolete, things need to be changed. Don’t worry, upgrade/buy new device that supports Windows 10 with its powerful hardware. HTC has clearly stated, there won’t be any future update in Windows phone 8X. Hence, stay on Windows 8.1 operating system or grab a new Smartphone.

Windows 10 is available for all Lumia devices. To achieve it, the owners have to install Lumia denim software.

At a glance, let’s take a quick review on Windows 10 features. Microsoft office is the one kind of mini office tool for all businessmen. In the latest edition, developer brings a incredible control and function that sync Windows 10 on OneDrive. Cortana, a digital assistant makes our job easier on reading mail and other activities. Moreover, we have thousands of Lumia Windows 10 supported apps and games on the official store.


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