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The big news is the total of the three Iphones are leaked

The trend of bringing out the new phones every year by their resort companies continues. Not alone this, but along with this the eagerness and enthusiasm of the people for buying the new phones also increases. When we spill the beans about the iPhone it is seriously the number 1 trending phones in the world. I think the most gullible of all. For all the iPhone lovers the good news is that too there is getting to be the launch of the iPhones and not one but three altogether.Screenshot_20160726-205617

Today a set of 3 new iPhone pictures have leaked which justify the fact that the new iPhone is going to be out very soon. The details of the new iPhone include new antenna design and the grading for proper writing on the back. But the miserable fact that has come is lack of a 3.5mm audio jack.

The matter of richness will always be the gracious and simple rundown of the next line up of the apple. From the appearance of the launched phone with the PLUS branded sibling of it will show the updated camera and a small body redesign. The third category of it includes the PRO member, which shows the feature of the dual camera design as well as the three of the pogo pins, which is more likely for the external snaps on accessories.

Now everyone’s wait is starting to get over soon because according to the Cupertino’s announcement the launch will be taking place around September and that too early September most likely around September 6 along with the pre orders like to be launched on September 9 and the main availability on September 16. Now it is not long now before we generate into the scoop.

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