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5 Reasons to Install the Android N Beta & 3 Reasons Not To

Google is stepping ahead in extending its Android family by up versioning the operating system. Recently, it launched the developer preview version of Android N for the Nexus phone users to try out. android-n

It will roll out the full features sometime later this year. As much as it is tempting for all of us, we have here, an array of reasons listed to install and not to install Android N, the beta version or the developer preview.

We already walked you through the installation steps to Android N. If you are toying with the idea whether to install or not, we give you following reasons that you should take a look out before you lay your hands on the installation.

Reasons to install:

  • If you want split screens: The impressive new feature in Android N has made the multi-tasking very easier. The native “multi-window” support makes you run two apps at the same time, occupying equal halves of your smartphone screen. Just click the “recent apps” button and long-press one of the running apps, and drag it to the top, then choose the second app. They said it was buggy at first, but the recent 4th beta version works great with this feature. We can also resize the screen and enjoy. So if you are a multi-tasker, go ahead and install it.
  • To improve the release: Do install Android N today if you want the final release of Android N from Android Marshmallow to something great. Normally it is a “developers program” first, where Google gathers information the device as the update is progressed. There is even a “feedback” button in the “about phone” for users to come up with the improvisation suggestions. This helps manufacturers to update the software faster too. To improve and speed up the official Android N release, you can install and try it out ,which will be supporting 100% for Android N.
  • If you are a night owl: They have added a full night mode to the Android N beta version in which your screen turns eye-friendly as you use at nights, turning down the bright blue colors that cause eyestrain and stimulate the brain, and replacing them with a red filter., even turns the settings menu to a dark gray, almost black color. If you want to read at nights, or do other stuff with your phone at nights, do install the Android N beta as this feature wasn’t removed even in the 3rd update. But we aren’t sure if this will be included in the final release, but for now, it is worth using, if you find it to be so.
  • To improve battery life: For an array of various reasons, they have added a new feature called Android N Doze, to put apps into a low-power sleep state when a device isn’t being used. Eventually shutting off many background processes, but still letting important calls, texts, or emails come through, when the screen is idle. This will save a lot of juice for the phone. If you want better battery life, you can stick around with the updated beta version.
  • To get the latest features: Now, this will be kind of a repetition, but you will play a significant role in enhancing the Android N only if, you get to try out the new features in the beta version, thereby lying a strong foundation to even more enhance and get all the latest features in the final version.

Reasons Not To Install:

  • If you own a single device: You can risk your smartphone with updating it to the Android N to play around with the new features, but what if something goes wrong? We have a possibility of problems and even Google suggests one not to install if they own only one device which is a primary device.
  • If you cannot deal with the problems: Even if the 4th release of beta is stable as they say, we are likely to face a few issues, potential ones, random crashes with the Google Play Store, apps that struggle with multi-screen support, Location services don’t work in some apps or websites, and the Night Mode is extremely finicky. And if more users start trying out the Android N beta, we are bound to get a few issues, but we all can hope the 5th beta release will be the official Android 7.0 N update.
  • If you aren’t prepared: The last reason is as simple as that, but if you are going to try out the recent version, you should backup, save all your data in the device and be prepared before diving in. Chances are, you may regret it when you face a few issues, but at least you shouldn’t regret of having missed all the data. We’d say backup your device, give Android N a try, and if you want to revert to Android 6.0, do it.

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