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Android N 7.0 Preview: Top Things You Need To Know Right Now

Android has been a great operating system with the recent advent of smart-phoned era. It has been giving more competitive, user friendly functionalities by making the mobile operating system more smooth and accessible. Ever since Lollipop was launched, we all thought Android was it. No more native charms to accommodate. But the anticipation of Android N has set a huge mark, leaving us all Android users wondering with what all new changes the Android N will come with. android-n-2

Way earlier, it was revealed that the Android N will be launched by Google on 9th of March, then it got postponed to April 13th, until the beta version was released on 18th May. Along with the unveiling of Android N, we also saw Daydream VR, which will be heavily baked in to Google’s next mobile operating system version.

Google has stated that the release of Android N through the launch of the new Nexus handset, whose manufacturer could be HTC (rumored), right after it launched the preview version of Android N. However the final version won’t land until October.

Once the release of Android N is out, Google will open up to more manufacturers for the developer release as well. So, what would be the name of N in Android N?

In one of the Medium posts, Hiroshi Lockheimer, SVP Android at Google, word-played by mentioning in one of the posts on the note of Android N as,

“So, the burning question that’s on everyone’s mind: what will the N release be named? We’re nut tellin’ you yet.” You can expect a lot more of teases from Google until the exact release of the name.

Google has opened up Android Beta Program, where you can just enroll a device and get the update delivered over the cloud. In previous versions, we are made to download the software by the invite flashing on our screen, where we have to update manually. Not anymore. Now Android N differs with it. You can load it in your device without losing all your other data and update arrives over the air.

We are thankful for the release of the Android N preview, in hands we have now, what it might actually look like. But one thing to be minded is, beta version is subject to change, hence we cannot come to a firm conclusion on the looks of the operating system just by getting exposed to beta version. If Google finalizes on features, the output could not be what as we expected or it could be a rocking one as well.

Android N Preview:

  • The experts say that, the days are just numbers for the app drawer may be ditched by Google. One of the tweets had a picture of the Nexus 6P with no app drawer button, but only app pages to swipe across. Well, this sure triggered the burning fire in passionate Androiders. Even though Google denied about the picture immediately, it has been heard from a few sources confirming that app tray will be disappearing soon.
  • On the notification bar front, we have a Quick Settings button as it is meant to be in the notification pane, at the top. A small icon occupies for faster settings modification access. Now if you swipe down the notification bar, you get all the shortcut icons on the pane as in Marshmallow. The only difference is that you don’t get drop down, while clicking on Wifi and Bluetooth, rather you get an overlayed neat menu – the one like Do Not Disturb mode in Marshmallow. You also get a new edit function to add or rearrange the icons, just by dragging and placing it.
  • The settings menu will be going through a major makeover by getting few divisions removed and rather giving more information. There is a new suggestion bar to make you aware of what settings have you not set up yet to strengthen the security of your phone. Many notification level labels coming on to let you know what settings change have you made. There are also navigation tweaks. If you click on Bluetooth, you get a side menu rather than navigating to a new page filled with the paired devices. We can feel it is easy at the moment, but not sure if navigating back to the main menu will be tricky.
  • In terms of multitasking, we can see the Now On Tap button is to go through a major revamp; the change in display of the deck of your installed apps, then there is a double tap option that will switch from current app to the one that you were on previously. There is also a split screen mode by tapping the multi tasking button, where you can drag a deck of apps to the two halves of the screen. Once activated, you should tap the home button and select a new app, even opening up the apps tray. When you pick your app, you return to split-screen mode.
  • Another new thing is the data saver button. It has the feature of restricting background data when you use the mobile network.
  • In the Android N preview the System Tuner UI still has this option to show the battery level only when charging, or remove the battery icon completely.
  • One of the main features that System UI carries is the Night Mode. This will be automatically turned on when you use your phone at night, thereby reducing the color to a more bluish light in order to reduce the stressing of the eyes. You can change this level of brightness. Now who needs filtering apps to read at nights, right? Let’s hope this will be included in the final release of Android N. The System Tuner UI also has more options, but we only expect the ease of core options in the final release.

All we can say is, the Android N has set afoot for the betterment of mobile operating system.

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