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Apple iOS 10 Loop: Everything You Need To Know About iOS 10

According to different sources, iOS 10 will be released next month in the gathering of the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2016. iOS will come with new features, improved battery, and a refreshing design. It will be compatible with all the existing as well as upcoming iPad and iPhone devices. iOS-10

WWDC 2016 is scheduled to run from 13th June to 17th June. If you want to buy your ticket for the conference, then you can visit the official Apple website, where tickets are on sale at the rate of 1000$. If you don’t want to visit the conference, but follow all the happenings of the conference, then you might follow the live conference streaming from the Apple website. The event will be held at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco.

Even if iOS 10 arrives in June, that won’t be featured in your handset for another couple of months. The true iOS 10 release along with the new features won’t take place before September at all. We are assuming the extreme case of September release because that is when much awaited iPhone 7 will hit the retail market. Further, this is how Apple releases its iOS followed by an iPad or iPhone model and we are not expecting anything different this year too.

iOS 10 Beta:  The best part is that you might not have to wait for 4 more months, till September for using iOS 10 at all. For the first time, last year, Apple released an open public beta to have an early play with the upcoming iOS. We are expecting the same to happen this year as well. However, if you want to be one of those early birds, then you have to do a bit of hoop jumping. You have to fill up a form on the company’s website and pay an early bird fee to enjoy the new features before its official release. We are expecting the beta release on 13th June 2016, the first day of Apple’s Annual Conference.

Features: Though, Apple is yet to make any official announcements over the features of iOS 10, from the leaks, and patent filings, we have a fair idea of what might be the new features. One of the rumors suggests that iOS 10 will be redesigned for the first time. Some of the new features that might pop with iOS 10 are: new photo editing technology, better security, 3D Touch, improved Touch ID sensor, and many more.

Some new features that promise to carry broader aspects are discussed below:

  • Apple is putting a lot of focus on Siri. Siri is just getting smarter and better along with its age. Weather prediction, Fitness tracker, Car controlling system, better navigation abilities might be the new characteristics of Siri. Reports suggest that digital PA will be able to handle your calls. It will transcribe voice messages and deliver them in text forms.
  • With every release Apple has come with new inbuilt apps, but the problem that lies here is, those inbuilt apps cannot be deleted and they costs a good amount of storage space. We expect that iOS 10 will not only provide us the opportunity to enjoy and exploit more apps, but also allow us to delete unwanted apps.
  • iOS 10 is going to allow multi user accounts which the Android users are familiar with for some times. With this you will be able to customize your household slate for each individual users, respectively.
  • If you are familiar with iPhone 6S then you have a good knowledge over Apple’s 3D Touch technology, which performs different tasks according to your fingertip pressure. Though this technology is no doubt a good and innovative one, but it brings in lots of usage difficulties as well. We hope this pressure sensitive technology will be rolled out and something better and more convenient will be offered.
  • If you are an Apple device owner, then an obvious question that will pop out in your mind is, is my device iOS 10 compatible or not. As far as iOS 9 is concerned, the cut off devices were iPad 2, 5th generation iPod and iPhone 4S. With upgradation of iOS 9 to iOS 10, this might go a step ahead and the new cut offs might be iPad 3 and iPhone 5. On the other hand device requirements might jump to a minimum of 512 MB RAM. In short, if you are using a back dated Apple device, then your device might not be iOS 10 compatible.

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