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Apple Watch 2: Everything You Need to Know Right Now

No one can stop the rumors about the next smart-watch from the Apple even though it has been only a year, since the first generation smart-watch hit the shelves of the market. Impatient Apple enthusiasts are leaking the possible features of the next generation Apple Watch 2. A few that we caught from the wildfire of rumors, are below. Apple-Watch-2-Not-Coming-This-Year


Everyone wants to know what the next smart-watch of the Apple will be. It is unpredictable because there has been only one Apple Watch so far, so by the convention that is followed for the iOS products. Let’s, for namesake, to refer in an article, call it as Apple Watch 2.


People were expecting Apple to speak about the next smart-watch in the March event and then heads turned to the WWDC event in June, sadly, disappointment was the result. Supportive sources have claimed that the next smart-watch is a two-year release cycle, and we could expect the production in the third quarter which would support a September launch.


The current Apple Watch cost ranges from $299 which comes in different sizes, models and materials. The models namely, Watch, Watch Sport and Watch Edition. Pricing varies with respect to the options in each model which is average of 20 options.


Many reports suggest that the successor of the Apple Watch will focus more under the hood. Instead of focusing more on the modification in the exterior design, which every rumor claims will look similar to Apple Watch, which will carry the same screen resolution, rectangular screen sizes and the body which makes the current strap compatible to the wrists.

There might be additional price points with the new smart-watch coming in, new materials like titanium, platinum, palladium and tungsten. With Apple, filing a patent recently for Magnetic Wristband, there are hopes for a multi-functional strap launch alongside trading OLED display instead of Micro LED to enhance the battery life.


There are many new features that are expected in the second generation smart-watch by 9to5mac, admitting that there will be a front-facing camera with a video recording option, that can be used to FaceTime that is to be fit near the top of the display. It also focuses on embedding more of a wireless chip that will be dynamic in nature, so that you don’t have to be more dependent on Bluetooth. There are also other rumors from The Wall Street Journal claiming that the Apple Watch 2 might sport the support of cellular network connection and a processor for faster use of the watch. A faster processor is mainly to cope with the built in GPS system. Imagine how amazing that would be.

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