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Facebook Messenger comes with a BasketBall Game, unveiled now.

New York: The social media giant, Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has turned into an innovator and become a pioneer in introducing games in Messenger services. Yes, one can play basketball game in Facebook Messenger by simply sending basketball emoji to a person or to a group. By simply updating the application, you can start playing the game right away from your mobile phone’s Facebook messenger. uyyhq8jfaokhp8dqydq5

The application is being used by 800 million people all round the globe, and the same is ranked as one of the popular application in the world. Across the globe, the application is widely used to connect with anyone in this world. But the major thing is that, Facebook doesn’t come with frequent update which incorporates new features in the application.

Recently, the company comes with an update to the Facebook Messenger application, which allows the users to play shoot some hoops. Previously, it was considered as unwanted thing for the users, but suddenly it turns into a hidden basketball game for the messenger’s users. In order to start playing the game, one should start sending basketball emoji to some users, as mentioned above. After a while, the screen turns into a mini-game, where users can able to flick inside the hoop.

The game is very addictive in nature and also allows you to beat your personal score always when you’re playing the game. The more interesting part is that, when you missed the ball, then you will get a crying emoji on the screen. There are no scoreboards available in the game right now, so that you need to take a screenshot of your game whenever you’re playing it. how-to-play-basketball-on-facebook-messenger

Still waiting, Update your Facebook Messenger application and start playing the mini-game. Stay tuned with Tampa Bay Review for more updates and comment your high score below. Keep flicking.

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