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For the first time in the History, Antarctic CO2 Hit 400 PPM

For the first time in the History, Antarctic CO2 Hit 400 PPM recorded from an observatory center, located in the Antarctica. The alarming level of CO2 awareness should be created all round the globe, else it will end up in a worst nightmare ever. 493151FC-8012-4F06-9E801D1625640702

According to the data from NASA and US NOAA, the global temperatures were broken across the land and sea in the month of May and this is primarily due to the  CO2 typically hitting a seasonal peak in the Northern Hemisphere, although it was more likely to take a couple more years until it stays above that threshold, according to Ralph Keeling, a researcher at the Scripps Institute of Oceanography. At 15.67C, temperatures were 0.87C more than the 20th century average of 14.8C.

The readings were taken in a remote research observatory center located in the Antarctica, which states that the level of CO2 has been increased to 400ppm, which is the highest record in the past 4 million years. As per the report, the level of carbon di-oxide is moreover higher in the Northern hemisphere than the southern one, as most of the world’s population lives there.

David Vaughan, director of science at the British Antarctic Survey said,

“The milestone of carbon dioxide levels reaching 400 parts per million has been reached in the Antarctic continent which has least of all human activities across the whole globe. We have changed our planet to the very poles”,

In addition to this, few other reports say, carbon dioxide levels were 280 ppm at the start of the industrial revolution, and the latest two locations have the cleanest air on the planet. Scientists also complainingly insist that despite El Nino is the cause of influential global weather, there is also an underlying cause which is the greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere by the humans.

David Carlson, Director of the World Climate Research Programme said, “

Exceptionally high temperatures and ice melting rates in March and May that we don’t normally see until July. Once-in-a-generation rainfall events. The super El Niño is only partly to blame. Abnormal is the new normal.”

He also added that we are taking in all the information to cause the awareness from various scientists across the globe to place the human civilization’s jeopardy with facts about our self-endangering aspects.

Pieter Tans, a carbon-monitoring scientist at the Environmental Science Research Laboratory, said.

“If you emit carbon dioxide in New York, some fraction of it will be in the South Pole next year.” That’s why monitoring carbon dioxide at Mauna Loa, the South Pole and other locations around the world continues to be an important activity.  “Just because we have an agreement doesn’t mean the problem (of climate change) is solved,”

Passing the 400 ppm milestone is not something we should be proud of, but we have to give a thought about it that how we have reshaped our planet in many ways. If we weren’t worried about carbon dioxide levels before, we should be by now.

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