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iOS 9.3 Jailbreak Rumors: Pangu and Taig plans to release iOS 9.3 Jailbreak tool?

Apple is preparing for the release of iOS 10 and it has been declared as the most stable one in the current iOS platform and maybe it is ready for a jailbreak from the different development teams. PanGu, which is famous for constant development teams that focus on iOS jailbreaks have already given a hint about the contentious release of jailbreak versions for the iOS 9.3.2 and iOS 9.3.3 in the July 1 event. Although many jailbreak versions which floated internet for the iOS 9.2 didn’t come from official channels and also had malware in them. ios-9-3

These jailbreaks occur, even if Apple keeps strengthening its source files; but the keen developers keep finding some loopholes or the other for their own versions of jailbreaks. But the same is not in the case of iOS 9.3.1. Apple has released a bug repair patch for the iOS 9.3.1, which was of no use because it still messed up and crashed a few devices. There were also rumors flying around stating a jailbreak version for the iOS 9.3.1 was made. But neither TaiG nor PanGu has confirmed or offered that they have made the jailbreaking tool for the same version.

What users have to remember is:

  • No iOS 9.3.1 jailbreak tool has been made by any infamous development teams.
  • Apple has no longer iOS 9.3 firmware and doesn’t offer 9.2.1 iOS which means for users, downgrading is impossible.
  • If a person hasn’t upgraded to iOS 9.3.1 they should probably consider doing that.

Even if TaiG and PanGu come up with the jailbreak solution for the iOS 9.3.2 and iOS 9.3.3, the users should weigh the pros and cons to decide whether or not to jailbreak the phone. But even if they release the jailbreak, it will be short –lived because Apple is all set to release its next iOS 10. But in a video of an iPhone running on jailbroken iOS 10, he has demonstrated that this version of iOS could also be unstable. However, he hasn’t released as to how he jailbreak the beta version of iOS 10.

While all the Apple fans wait for the continuation jailbreaks as the iOS releases are upgrading from one version to the other, it exploits the their phones by becoming vulnerable to malicious threats, though the user has the privilege to enjoy all the paid apps for free at the App store, despite knowing the risks one invites for oneself by doing so. Are we forgetting that by running your phone on jailbreak versions voids your Apple warranty?

So it is advisable not to fall for the heat of the moment, but to have your phone run on iOS from Apple and keeping all the consequences of the jailbreaks at bay.


  1. i want a jailbreak of ios 9.3.2 or 3 no matter if my device gets some malware …..i m loving jailkbreak…hahahahah

  2. Joel Page ain't WWJC gone and past already?

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