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iPhone 7 Loop: Rumors, Specification, Release Date and Others

Apple Inc.’s CEO Tim Cook has given us his word on the release of iPhone 7 in this year, 2016 with the feature that is inevitable for the owners of the phone to live with. Despite the earlier announcement made, the recent reports assert that we might have to wait a bit more planned for the release of the phone is undergoing a major upgrade.

Image Credit: GSMarena.com

The release, which was previously planned is now likely to be in a lingering phase, because of the potential differences in the new mobile’s design. Architects are still unsure of the accessories that should finalize the build till June.

It is strongly believed that the upcoming release of iPhone 7  might not come with the headphone jack. It is also quite assertive that there will be two releases, iPhone 7 and its plus version as well, which the potential leaks convey clearly. The production of the phone is believed to be started in July and the release announcement is to be made in August or September. Based on our potential leaks and observations, we have the short listed the following specifications of iPhone 7.

In terms of the name, the one without ‘s’ comes with a build upgrade. Even though, we are not certain about how the build of the iPhone will be. We expect the same curvy edges, but with a full glass, expecting to set a single speaker at the bottom of the phone and the leaked pictures don’t show headphone jack port, which might be a huge let down for the consumers. We can expect an upgrade in the camera size with dual-lens, which would render more clarity in the pictures and videos. The camera is said to have a 12MP dual lens and 5MP front camera, which boosts the quality of the pictures and giving the feature of real optical zooming to us.

There will be a smart connector fixed between the lines of antenna on the top, where it can be used to connect to smart devices. In terms of the storage, there will be 128GB and 256GB rumored from various sources on the internet leaked with the pictures. Also, the battery life is said to have impacted by the faster processing of the device, which comes with A10 processor. The battery will be same as iPhone 6 Plus, hence affecting the standby due to complexity in the added functionalities in the software and as well as hardware.

We have been surmised that the device will be powered with 4.7-inch Retina HD Display with 1334 x 750 Resolution and 426 ppi, Apple A10 Processor M10 Co Processor, 2GB RAM. Also 3GB of ram is expected in the iPhone 7 Plus variant. The Intel LTE modem feature is rolled out to enable faster LTE access. The new iOS 10 will definitely roll out with new Ui tweaks and features, since it is used to upgrade the OS in each release.

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