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iPhone Loop: Next iPhone Might Have Intel In It

Struggling of Intel in the field of smartphone chips will come to end, once Apple has incorporated Intel chips in upcoming iPhone models, if rumors are supposed to be true. For iPhone 7, along with Qualcomm, Intel also joined hands with Apple for the production of chips for upcoming iPhone 7. 1280px-Intel-logo.svg

Friday, Bloomberg reported that iPhone 7 may come with Intel’s modem chips in it. But, “Intel will not be alone, Qualcomm will be there too”. The report leaked by Bloomberg reported that iPhone 7 supplied for AT&T will be powered with Intel chips and devices supplied to China as well as Verizon, will be powered with Qualcomm chips. Still, it is unclear that, why the company is showing such a difference in terms of different suppliers. It is believed that, the company might involved in doing trail run, before completely shifting towards Intel.

The move might be a welcoming deal for the Intel, which will bring a good future for the company, if everything goes well. Yes, currently Intel has many next-Gen mobile chips in its production, but lacks large customer base, when compared to Qualcomm. If the deal goes well for the company, Intel will be supplying those chips for several smartphone manufacturers in the future.

If we look into the past, Intel has lost almost $4.21 billion in the smartphone market in the year 2014, which forces the company cut almost 12,000 jobs in last April. The company has now turned itself into an IOT business to make them its “primary growth engines”.

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich and other executives were in a same track that, the company will involve in all sorts of computing hardware. Aicha Evans, head of the mobile chip division stated that,

“5G is not just a faster connection,” “It’s going to require us to take into consideration spectrum availability. We waste a lot of our resources today. In some cases, we don’t need the speed.”

After collaborating everything, the Apple move might be a valid one. After the report has been released in Bloomberg, Qualcomm’s shares fell 1.7 percent and Intel stock raised 0.3 percent. Both, the companies declined to comment about this. Stay Tuned with TampabayReview for more updates.


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