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Mark Zuckerberg’s Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram Account Hacked

Mr. Zuckerberg’s, a world known billionaire, social accounts were compromised by the hacker group. Being chief executive officer of the top social media platform, Mr. Zuckerberg unable to protect his account from a hacker group called “OurMine”. official-facebook-logo-slide

In the past, we have learned several things about data breaches, and their effects. Also, we have been advised several times that “usage of same password in multiple accounts” might cause huge problems, when someone hacked your account. This time, Mark Zuckerberg has lost his credentials to the hacker group OurMine, which hacked Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram accounts of Facebook CEO. The hacker group tweeted from his account as “We are just testing your security,”.

In addition to that, the hacker group tweeted as,

“Hey, @finkd You were in Linkedin Datatbase with the password ‘dadada’ ! DM (direct message) for proof,”

This created a huge sensation all over the world, Mark’s Twitter account was inactive from the year 2012, and suddenly a tweet was posted on his account as mentioned above. Not only Twitter, Mark Zuckerbergs’s LinkedIn account also compromised. The profile data has been breached by the hacker group and the team has attempted to create a duplicate profile for him.

LinkedIn has stated as,

“We were alerted of this takeover attempt and have taken action to remove the false profile on LinkedIn,”

In addition to this, LinkedIn remains silent to address about the incident, whether the breach was related to the largest data breach happens in 2012. Since, Mr. Mark account remains dormant and using the old password, the account might have been breached by the hacker group.

Here is what happened exactly, the data stolen from LinkedIn database in 2012, were sold in the dark web for the price tag of £1,500. Moreover, the database consists of Mark Zuckerberg profile with a password “dadada”. It was really a nightmare for Zuckerberg, and it would take few seconds to crack into his account with the help of brute force attack. From his password, the hacker group will be easily able to populate his password, since it doesn’t have any numbers or capital letters.

The more interesting part is that, Mr. Zuckerberg has not changed his password for Pinterest and Twitter for a long time. Since, the hacker group has LinkedIn password, it wouldn’t take minutes for them to copy and paste the password in other social media platforms.

The lucky part is that, Mr. Zuckerberg has not used the same password in his Facebook and Instagram accounts. “No Facebook systems or accounts were accessed. The affected accounts have been re-secured,” a spokesman said.

From this incident, it is strongly advised to change their password for a regular interval of time and also they should avoid reusing of password for multiple accounts.

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