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Mercedes Benz E-300: A new addition to the E series family

The esteemed Mercedes Benz’s 10th generation E-Class automobile adorns the market awash with upgraded interior and styling. But, it has always shied away from car technology. Well, you can’t say that with the new E-300, it gives the experience, which we never think we could have. We are grateful for its 241 horsepower and 273 pounds of torque. merc-e300-hybrid-w

As we tested it, the results sure is to make you gleam because of the new transmission and at highway speeds has plenty of power in reserve for passing, which is controlled via Mercedes’ common slender column-mounted stalk, renders smooth, well-timed shifts.

Its cruise control car-tracking feature, Distronic, can follow a vehicle ahead of an E-Class at a well-weighed distance. That’s not that special; but it can do it at speeds up to 130 miles per hour. If there’s a vehicle parallel to the E300 or quickly approaching, it stays put. Even if it gets out of control, there is a feature called Pre-Safe Sound. The Pre-Safe Impulse Side system detects lateral collisions and moves the driver and passenger 2.75 inches away from the car’s body. When a major impact is detected the car plays a “pink noise” that readies your ears for the sound of a collision. When it comes to suspension tuning, the driver can choose from several settings in the standard Dynamic system.

With black leather seats and black lacquer on the dash with wood lines, the E-300 comes with high quality materials to form its cabin. The abundance of new technology has taken over the cabin with 12.3-inch high-def screen, which served us well, when using the navigation system and the multiple-angle cameras, which included a view showing the front wheels while you park. There is also touch buttons on the steering wheel which uses swipe motion and click buttons to toggle between more internal options like music, phone, etc., It also has new feature is the Parking Pilot. Once you activate the system, you’ll see a display on the screen that shows the car is looking for a space.

A little fine tuning should be done on the touch controllers and also on the display because of some difficulty seeing the screens in the afternoon daylight.

Not until July, we can expect the Benz E-300 in the market, which will be available at Luxury and Sport trims at the price starting from  $52,175 including destination, and another $2,500 will get you 4MATIC all-wheel drive of this solid tech car. This is a good pioneer for Mercedes in experimenting the tons of tech, I’d say. We all expect only the highest level of comfort and luxury in the future series.

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