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Microsoft Surface Phone: Rumors, Release Date and Specifications

For a long time, we have been hearing rumors about Premium Microsoft Surface Phone. Latest rumors suggest that Microsoft Surface will be out in the market within early 2017 and it can be out even in the second half of this year as well. According to Windows Central, Microsoft wants to give adequate efforts towards security software of Surface Phone. New-Microsoft-Surface-Phone

Background: Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL failed to preach Windows 10 mobile in the competitive Smartphone market. Microsoft chose not to back down from the competition so it will shortly release a new generation Smartphone, Microsoft Surface; supplementing the Lumia models. Currently Microsoft Surface offers hybrid devices, laptops, desktops and many more.

Variants: Panos Panay and team had been behind the making of Surface laptops and the same team is heading to make Surface Smartphone. Everyone is expecting that the Surface handset will come into the market with 3 devices on line targeted for casual, business and pro users respectively.

Design: Microsoft Surface laptops are generally metal built and most probably Microsoft Surface handset will also feature a solid metal built because the same team is working on it.

Kickstand: The handset might feature a kickstand that will allow the phone to stand independently. If this rumor is true, then we might be able to see a stylus as well.

Display: As we have mentioned earlier that the handset might come in a line with 3 device variants, most probably screen size is going to be one of the key variations. For example, we might see a 5.5 inch screen in casual edition and 6 inch screen in pro edition and something in between in the business edition. Multitasking can be done more conveniently with big screens.

Processor: Most probably the latest Intel chipset will be featured in Surface phone. A long lasting battery will be a plus point over the power efficient central processing unit.

Camera: Though Lumia failed to penetrate the market; it earned praise from critics for its magnificent camera. It is expected that Lumia camera feature will influence the makers to make a better camera and reach further heights.

Software: Surface Phone is expected to run in Windows 10 operating system. Microsoft is expected to make Surface Phone, the new medium of pushing investments for Windows 10.

Release Date: At first, Microsoft aimed at launching a Surface phone within the first half of 2016 but due the market failure of Lumia 950; Microsoft wanted to give Surface phone some more time. There is a little chance that Microsoft will release Surface phone this year, otherwise early 2017 is the choice. Windows Central stated that in April 2017, Redstone 2 update with a new hardware will be released by Microsoft. Waiting for Intel’s Kaby Lake processor also be the cause of delay. Most probably all these circular processes made Microsoft to postpone the Surface phone release date.

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