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Microsoft Xbox One S: Here’s Why You Have To Wait for Xbox One S

Microsoft has announced that on August 2nd, it will be launching the awaited revised version of Xbox One named as Xbox One S, which mostly has hardware revisions. There are many key features that would be captivating enough for a gamer to buy the Xbox One S. xbox-one-s4

We have rounded up a list of reasons why you should wait for this new and latest gaming console, which compulsively will you give you an entirely different gaming experience.

  • Newer, better and slimmer: Yes, we all got used to the brick shaped Xbox One controller which didn’t beat the PS4 offerings. But the Xbox One S has all packed up with amazing build. It has the headphone jack and the use of external adapters. It has a built in Bluetooth 4.0. The console is also small and neat which barely occupies your entertainment unit unlike the Xbox One controller does. It is refined with more textured soft grips and comes with a controller in the package as well. It is sad to be 40% lesser than the original Xbox One in size.
  • More Storage: Your current Xbox doesn’t give you more internal storage as 2TB, which is offered by Xbox One S. The 2TB variant is the first one which will be launched along with 1TB and 500 GB later on. I mean, now who wants to buy an external hard drive, right? You can download as many games as you want. Ditch the large space-occupying hard drives.
  • Powerful features: The new piece of hardware comes with extensive capabilities in case of gaming. You get to play games, that’s supports HDR visuals because the Xbox One S has the best graphical abilities. Its 4K support for Blu-ray recording and playback is one heck of a brilliant enhancement. You can also upscale the games you play to 4K output. The control pad is durable, but it doesn’t support the internal Kinect. You have to buy a separate adapter for that feature. But it is replaced with built in IR blaster which is not in the original Xbox One.
  • Price: Such a smaller, powerful and eminent gaming console comes at the price of $399 for 2TB variant, $349 for a 1TB variant and $299 for a 500 GB variant storage.

These are the reasons why it is high time you get rid of the Xbox One and upgrade to the new Xbox One S. The wait is not any longer. It comes with all the modern day likeables, with a limited run, you could free up some space, get some quality gaming via graphics and display.

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