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Microsoft Xbox One S: Top Reasons Why You Should Go For Xbox One S

Microsoft has officially unveiled its Xbox One S in the E3 press conference, held a couple of weeks ago. The Xbox One S is not a successor model to the previous Xbox One, instead we can call it an upgraded model of Xbox One. Here, I shared why Microsoft Xbox One S is a bit far from Microsoft Xbox One. microsoft-xbox-one-s-comparison-to-old-xbox-7334-006

Among various noticeable changes, here i shared a few among them, which really worth, if you’re opting for Microsoft Xbox One S, instead of Xbox One.

Best Price

Xbox One S comes with a price tag of $299, which will be bundled with 500GB of storage. Also, 1TB version is available for $349 in the United States. This is comparatively better, if we compare the launch price of Xbox One. However, one can even grab 2TB edition for $399 itself. Good to hear, right. Yeah, you can grab Xbox One S for $299 itself. Moreover, the price of existing Xbox One has been reduced to $279.

Better Design

When compared to Xbox One, Xbox One S comes with almost 40 percent change in design, and almost looks similar to slim edition of the Playstation 4. This will reduce the space consumption of the device, and also comes with vertical stand. This will look better, if we compare it with existing Xbox One.

4K Support

This will be one of the major criteria to look into. Xbox One S comes with 4K support and also HDR. Currently, 4K support is offered for only video, and not for gameplay. The color reproduction is far better than the previous models.

More Storage

As discussed above, the device even comes with 2TB model. This will give a chance to the gamers to load more games in their device. This will be double the storage space of Xbox One and PlayStation top models.

No Extra Power Brick

The Xbox One comes with gigantic power brick, which almost comes with a size of a Buick. The current Xbox One S comes with smaller size and will use internal power supply, instead of an external one.

Better Wireless Controller

Not only Xbox One S is revamped, but also its controller has got refreshed. The controller comes with a better build quality with textured grip, which makes the users feel comfortable during gameplay. In addition to Xbox One S, user can add their controller using Bluetooth wireless technology with Bluetooth-ready personal computers.


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