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New Microsoft Xbox One: What One Should Know About it

There was a time, when the gaming console company releases their console with larger timeframe. But, the entire scenario got changed in the recent times. The concept of console generation has been vanished now. The manufacturers were consistently releasing improved versions of their previous models itself. For instance, Sony might unveil Playstation Neo at E3, which is an improved model of PlayStation 4. Likewise, Microsoft has also various improved models of the Xbox, if the rumors were supposed to be true. xbox-elite-controllers-available-amazon-target-bestbuy

As per the rumor mills, the Xbox new console will come in four different variants, namely Xbox One Slim, Xbox One VR, Xbox One Mini and Xbox One Stick.

Xbox One Slim: The current model of Xbox One console is very huge, while comparing to PS4. The PS4 looks comparatively small, when Xbox One is placed in front of it. Xbox One Slim, is a product of major step taken by the Microsoft, in order to reduce the size of the product. The “Xbox One Slim” (not a real name) is almost 40 percent smaller than the current model of Xbox One and alleged, the product will be available for a cheaper price than the current one. Also, it is believed that the device will come with 2TB of internal memory, double the size of the current model. The rumor mills were stating that, the device’s design will be revamped, and also supports the 4K display. So far, there is no source of images related to Xbox One Slim. It is highly expected that the device will be officially unveiled before mid-august.

Xbox One VR: The project codenamed “Scorpio” has been secretly working with the Microsoft Xbox team, in order to incorporate virtual reality in their gaming consoles. Similar to Xbox One Slim, Xbox One VR is also not a real name. Till date, Microsoft has not shown any interest toward the invention of VR headset. But, VR supported Microsoft Xbox gives us a bit hint that, the company will release their own VR headset anytime in the market.

At the same time, the console might be a powerful rival for the VR supported PlayStation, assuming it will launch soon. Currently, PlayStation 4 is a bit more powerful than the Xbox One, which might force the Microsoft to achieve a role reversal for the devices.

Xbox Stick and Xbox One Mini: For almost a year, the company is silently working on a tiny Xbox (commonly referred as Xbox Mini), which allows the gamer to play lightweight games. There is no other information are available from the sources regarding the same. Apart from that, Xbox Stick allows the gamer to stream the game play from Xbox One to larger television using wireless technologies.

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