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OnePlus 3 Comparison: OnePlus 3 Versus iPhone SE

We all know Apple released the most powerful 4- inch phone on March 2016. It faced the mixed reviews from the buyers. Later this June, the OnePlus 3 launched its third phone, the OnePlus 3. We have just made a list of differences between these two phones. gsmarena_002

Design & Display: The build of the iPhone SE are same as its parent phone iPhone 5s, all metal body, but will fit into your palms with the 4 inch bleed. And light weighted too with just 113 grams, whereas the OnePlus 3 is all plastic back. Ideally the OnePlus 3 should weigh lesser than the iPhone because of its plastic back, but in addition to the AMOLED 5.5 inch screen display it weighs 158 grams.

The screen resolution of iPhone SE is 640×1136 pixels only, but the OnePlus 3 renders  1080×1920 pixels QHD display with razor sharp images along with AMOLED display technology. We must take the PPI into consideration also because that plays a vital role in delivering of clarity in display. The iPhone SE has only 326 ppi whereas the OnePlus 3 outdo it by having 401 ppi.

Hardware & Software: With respect to the processor, iPhone always uses its own to embed into its phones. Likewise, we have A9 processor for iPhone SE with 2 GB of RAM, which is well enough for efficient and fast processing. The OnePlus 3 breaks it all with a killer performance with Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 1.6GHz  quad-core processor and 6GB of whopping massive RAM. Both the phones come with one storage variant only, iPhone SE with 16 GB and the OnePlus 3 with 64 GB, yet again giving the impossibility of possessing external SD card storage.

As far as software is concerned, the OnePlus 3 has Oxygen OS 3.1.1  laid on the standard Android 6.0.1 wear makes it very user friendly to operate the phone. If you want a great look and feel interface and if you are bored of Apple iOS, go for the OnePlus 3 as iPhone SE inherits the same iOS 9.3 as other iPhones.

Camera: Hands on, the OnePlus 3 surpasses the camera configuration too when compared with the iPhone SE because it has only 12 MP rear and 1.2 MP front which is beaten by 16 MP rear and 8 MP front camera of the OnePlus 3. The auto features that tags along with the built in camera also are lesser when compared to OnePlus 3 than in the iPhone SE.

It all comes down to this now, if you want the last best in iPhones which you can afford, go for iPhone SE, else choose the OnePlus 3 up for a grab.

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