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Now You Can Order Million of Amazon Products via Alexa

Now, one can easily order millions of Amazon products using Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa. The company, Amazon.com Inc. announced that their voice controlled digital assistant, Alexa just became little better. Amazon-Echo-Reads-to-YouAlexa allows the users to buy the prime product available in the Amazon.com by using voice commands. Alexa helps the users to access all the products available, which are listed in the prime section of the website. Prime section has the products, which are ready to ship in the company’s warehouse.

Previously, Alexa is only used to re-order the products, which are already ordered in Amazon.com by a user. It can be used to buy a specific product, but not a specific brand. Yes, instead of buying a specific brand, you can buy only a specific product, say toilet paper or a toothpaste.

But now, you can order a product by saying “Alexa, order a Colgate tooth paste”, from which you can buy a product of specific brands too.

Amazon spokeswoman mentioned as,

“We’re adding more products every day into that Prime product wheelhouse,” “We really want to see how customers are using it and get their feedback on how it can be improved. We’ll continue to figure out expansion as time goes on.”

By increasing the skill set of Amazon’s Alexa, the company has usurped the utility of Alexa Dash buttons, which are tiny buttons used to buy specific products from Amazon such as Washing powder, Ziploc bags and others. The company mentioned that, as of now, only products in the prime section can be only ordered through Alexa. Also, Amazon mentioned that the customers cannot order products such as watches, shoes, jewels or any add-on items through Alexa. In addition to that, the company has mentioned that there are few limitations are there in using Alexa, which cannot deal around the products that require sizing( for example, clothes, shoes, etc..). It also added that one day, user can able to buy them too.

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