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SmartPhone Battle: Xiaomi Mi5 Versus Rumored OnePlus 3

Basically OnePlus could not meet the expectations of the customers as it had only a screen worth of mentioning. It was unable to continue the legacy of the OnePlus flagship. Recently, it is rumored that OnePlus 3 will be soon released. As there is no official declaration, we can consider all the OnePlus 3 specification lists that are flooded throughout the internet as a mere wish list. However, after checking out the wish list of OnePlus 3, it seems that the customers are expecting something like the features of Xiaomi Mi5 in the next OnePlus model. In this article, we will indulge in a healthy comparison between the above mentioned Smartphone models so that customers can choose their handset rightly. Xiaomi Mi5

Display: The Xiaomi Mi5 has a simple display look with a full HD LCD unit giving the handset a premium edge to edge look. The display of 1080 x 1920 is being protected by Gorilla Glass 4. It seems that OnePlus 3 will sport the same display of 1920 x 1080 that was featured in the previous model, OnePlus 2. In this article we have discussed earlier about the drawback of OnePlus 2. This time we hope everyone will keep their finger crossed to check out what the maker of OnePlus has for the customers this time. All we can do now is hope for the best and wish OnePlus 3 to come out with a better display functioning such as a better unlock system along with something like an ultrasonic finger print technology.

Building and Design: Though Xiaomi Mi5 does not have an innovative shape, we can consider it as one of the finest sleek looking handsets. As far as other build features are concerned, Xiaomi Mi5 is available in a black or gold or white curved glass rear case and in 3 editions, namely Standard, High and Special respectively. The makers of this handset with glossy ceramic hand cover claim that this cover is even harder than that of steel. Some other notable features of this handset include a very fast fingerprint sensor which is hidden in the home button and the wonderful display.

On the other hand, OnePlus 3 is yet to be released. According to leaks and expert expectations, the Smartphone will come out within the second quarter of this year. As the day nears, we will hopefully see more and more leak outs of the handset. From the viewpoint of design, it is rumored that in order to give a flatter look and feel, the upcoming OnePlus model will feature a brushed steel finish other than the genuine textured rear. If this rumor comes out to be true, then some customers might get sad for the disappearance of the rear plate but others will be pleased to note that OnePlus has implemented some changes in its design. According to a few solid sources, OnePlus will feature iris recognition other than the fingerprint technology, which is used in the Xiaomi counterpart.

Storage and Processor: All the Xiaomi Mi5 models are powered by Snapdragon 820 chip. The Standard, High and Special edition models of this handset is equipped with 3 GB RAM – 32 GB internal storage, 3 GB RAM – 64 GB internal storage and 4GB RAM – 128 GB internal storage respectively. Further, this storage can be increased externally with micro SD cards.

On its counterpart, we know that the previous model of OnePlus sported a 4 GB RAM along with a 32 GB internal storage so this time we might expect the same RAM along with a better internal storage, i.e. 64 GB or 128 GB. However the previous model had not featured any external storage so this time we can include it in our OnePlus 3 wish list. Backed by Adreno 530 GPU for a good graphic display, OnePlus 3 will be powered by a 64-bit processor alongside Snapdragon 820 chip.

Operating System: The Xiaomi Mi5 is run by MIUI 7, which is based on Android Marshmallow. With so many featured customization options, MIUI has more than 175 million active users. Once you download something with a MIUI operating system run phone, your download will appear in the home page because it does not feature any app drawer, but however you can still group your apps and other files into folders. OnePlus 3 will be run by OnePlus created operating system, Oxygen which is also a complimentary of Android Marshmallow. Though this operating system is a bit complicated to use but generally the user experience increases with respect to time.

Camera: Xiaomi Mi5 had a great camera feature. The 16 MP front camera and 4MP rear camera, both are able to capture photos and videos, even in low light, with OIS technology designed by Xiaomi itself. And  it is reported that the company has incorporated the camera with IMX298 designed by Sony. Aperture lens present in the snapper helps to capture fast moving objects. Though sure shot information is yet to be declared about the OnePlus camera, it is heard that it will be better than that of the previous model. Hopefully this time the upcoming OnePlus model will be equipped with 16 MP rear and 8 MP front camera respectively.

Battery: With just one hour of battery charging you can use the Xiaomi Mi5 model whole day with moderate use. This model has a 3000 mAh battery and also provides quick charging with Quick Charge 3.0 on its board. As there is no rumor about the OnePlus 3 battery we assume that it will bear the same battery facility of the previous model. OnePlus 2 model was powered by a 3300 mAh battery, however we can expect some improvements in this section as well. Though it had no quick charging system, the battery saver feature of android itself helps it to keep the battery charged for longer periods.

From the above specification comparisons among Xiaomi Mi5 and the upcoming OnePlus 3 it seems that the former is better under some circumstances like design, display, build while in other circumstances like battery, camera, storage the latter is better. It solely depends upon the customer that which feature he will favor.


  1. OnePlus alienated their customers with their war on CyanogenMod. I bought 3 OnePlus Ones and influcenced the purchase of at least 4 more. They were great phones at the beginning, but then their software became buggy and the phones became useless. Of the phones I bought/influenced only 2 remain in use. The rest were replaced with Moto X or Google Nexus 6P.

    OnePlus's software is horrible. Their support is worse than non-existent. They started with a lot of excitement, but they have failed to keep a good experience. I love my Nexus and the monthly security patches. I love that Google works to keep it relevant for at least two years from they time they stop selling it.

    I am willing to cut a company a break for a good inexpensive phone, but when basic problems persist for MONTHS and the company is unresponsive, they quickly get on my black list.

  2. Using oneplus one successfully. No issues

  3. And with the OP2 they still have not released th source code, so very few custom ROMs available, and still no marshmallow update. Great phones but need to get their software in check

  4. I still use my OnePlus One and love it. I have tried a couple of different ROMS along the way and I am now running the latest CM Nightly and works really good. I am either waiting for the OnePlus 3 or a similar/better alternative. Is the Mi5 the best choice out there? I do not want to pay over $500 for it.

  5. This was the best One+ summary I've heard. Agree 100%. CM was one of the best features. 1+ was and is a great, great phone. The outdated specs on a 1+ running CM is still competitive with a 2015 flagship phone today. I have an S7 now and find myself missing many features of the 1+.

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