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Top Features of iOS 10: Things to Expect from Apple iOS 10

As we all expected, Tim Cook and his team members have released the iOS 10 operating system at World Wide Developer Conference, and the next-Gen operating system for mobile devices comes with few mind-blowing features. Here, I shared the top features, which will be bundled with iOS 10 operating system. iOS-10

The tenth version of the iOS evolute with a few good features and also lighten up few dark areas, which have become unkempt over a couple of years. The developer beta version of the operating system is already out, and the public version of the operating system will be out soon. More certainly, the operating system will be loaded with upcoming iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus model, this year. In current, pre-release stage of the iOS 10, the major features of the device are shared below, to help iOS 10 to stand out, before its release.

Siri: The major thing to be considered in iOS 10, is our voice. The company has opened-up the Siri to developers using Siri-SDK, which let the developers develop their application, which will support Siri too. This also helps the developers to increase the utility of voice, in their applications too. Once the applications are starting to release in the market, Apple will obtain all sorts of additional information about the Siri and also improve Siri’s accuracy too. This will increase the ‘intelligence’ of Siri.

Richer Notification: Now, the developers can code for rich notification, for the device. This will offer a better notification system for the iOS 10, rather than offering a simple “app icon and a short text message’ for the notification. Now, developers can show more information in the notification panel, which might include a video or an image or even a reply box for the notification, in the notification tray. This, in turn, increases the user experience of the operating system and also creates a stronger bond between the device users and iOS operating system.

Improved iMessage: Along with Siri and Notifications, Apple has also opened up the limitations on iMessage. This will help the third party applications to use iMessage and also the third-party application providers to tie-up with the iOS 10. On top of these, the company has also increased the font sizes and the sizes of emoji too.

As a whole, the company has improved the presentation layer of the iOS 10. Till date, Apple has not provided a bigger focus in the presentation of iOS. But, this time, Apple has taken several steps to improve the user’s experience by offering a better user interface. The implementation of dark mode, provides an alternative dark them for the iOS 10. Also, this time, Apple allows their users to delete the stock application that comes with the device. Stay tuned with TampaBayReview for more updates on iOS 10.

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