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Top Reasons Why You Should Wait for Samsung Galaxy Note 7

In the current smartphone market, lots of devices have been continuously being released. If you’re peeping into the current smartphone market, you can see lots of excellent smartphones were available for very affordable prices. But, here I shared few top reasons, which states that waiting for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 could be worth. Rumor-Samsung-Galaxy-Note-6-dan-Galaxy-S7-Usung-Layar-4K

Technically, the name Note 7 is alleged one, and not yet decided whether the device will get a name as Note 6 or Note 7. The recent leaks in the internet made us to believe that the device Note 7 will be a better one for the upcoming device.

Improved Design and Display: The first and foremost thing to be considered is that, the device will comes with an improved design as well as display. While comparing the previous device releases, rumors and other consistent leaks, it is highly believed that the device design will be revamped. As well, the device display will be improved too. If you compare to the past, Samsung Galaxy Note predecessors comes with 5.7 inches of display, but the recent release of Samsung Galaxy S7 provokes that Samsung might differentiate S7 display with upcoming Note 7 display, as S7 comes with 5.5 inches of display. The device might come with 5.8 inches of display or 6 inches of display, to differentiate the device from Samsung Galaxy S7.

Apart from this, it is highly believed that the device will come with Quad HD Super Amoled Screen that supports a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. Also, it is highly expected that the Note 7 series will also have a curved display similar to Samsung S7 Edge. In terms of design, the device will a little enhancement along with the design of Note 5. It is also expected that the device will be loaded with water resistance, and dust proof, similar to Samsung Galaxy S7.

Improved Camera: The response of Samsung Galaxy S7 is immense and also obtain huge praises for its ultimate camera. The camera of Samsung S7, is currently considered as the top as well as the best smartphone camera. By reducing the megapixel to 12, right from 16 MP and the addition of a Dual Pixel lens, makes the camera to be the best one in the current market. It is highly expected that Note 7 will get improved one than that of S7.

IP68 Dust & Water Resistant: It is one of the feature, that the company might add into the upcoming device. Since the previous models come with IP68 Dust & Water Resistant feature, it is highly expected that the Samsung will incorporate these features in the upcoming Note 7. Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with IP68 rating, which proves that the device can even go till 5 feet of water, for more than 30 minutes of time. The upcoming Note 7 might feature IP67 or IP68 depends upon the complexity faced by Samsung, while designing the device.

Micro SD Card Slot: The most missing feature in Note 5 is the absence of MicroSD card slot in it. Since, Samsung has incorporated MicroSD card slot in S7 and S7 Edge, it is highly expected that the Note 7 will also come with the same.

Whatever mentioned above are expected things, as per the leaks released on the Internet. But, it is very certain to worth waiting for the device. If you’ve any opinions, do comment in the comment box below.

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